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Jasper cooperates with : – The Rune-Workshop, in which the methods of Jaspis are being elaborated in practical applicable forms of spiritual science, objective art and moral technique. – The landscape work of the E-team coaching of  landscape projects. – Personal and company coaching out of the sevenfoldedness, by Patrick Steensma, teacher at the Jasper School. – Praxis for hypnotherapy and natural health care of Marion Groenendal, teacher of the Jasper School. – Cisca van der Straaten combines craniosacraal therapy, movement and voice development with the methods of the Jasper School. – The painters Birgit and Roland Tiller, after the technique of veil painting by L. Collot – d’Herbois. Birgit is also goldsmith that makes some of the amulets of the star constellations. – The sculpture, social artist and geomant Wolfgang Tiller. – The beautiful sculpture garden of sculptor and art therapist Sue Locke, near Hereford, UK. – Christine Beusch works with Elemental Beings and landscape rituals to heal man and the Earth.

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