The    Jasper School    educates in:

                             Inner Development,

                                 Work with Elemental Beings

                                    and Landscape Healing

 Presentation video:

Jasper presentation The Jasper School is a modern school for inner development and geomancy

We have practical schooling methods to get to know yourself from the inside, behold and transform your hangups, and develop yourself inwardly, with the following simple approaches :

-getting to know the way into yourself through the sense impressions and what these bring forth and awaken in you

-getting to know your own organs, and how these affect your soul moods, attitudes and behavior

-getting to know and as well apply your ideals, that come from the star constellations

-develop your chakra’s, which helps you to acknowledge and as well apply your higher senses and faculties

-when you know yourself and your faculties well enough, we will observe and cooperate with the nature spirits and landscape Angels, and then make together landscape healing projects

We start with your own birth horoscope, and this can very precise let you hear your organs and inner soul forces with our well tested musical method. With inner observation and clay modelling your experiences in a directive way, you get to know yourself ever more, ad as well realize hat’s within you. Thus you can better handle all-day’s life, and develop yourself towards the goals you’ve set to yourself to come and live here

On this path the planets and star images come ever closer, and you will notice that by realising their workings on the Earth all through you, you will grow as well. We call his method Astrosophy, which means love for the wisdom of the stars. This is the renewed Anthroposophy, that is expanded with the methods to develop the faculties of clear feeling, hearing and steering, and of intuitive observing and acting.

Have yourself educated by us, and grant yourself the development that you have come here for

NM Okt '16“During my initiation in the Being of Christ and the path that followed from this, I gradually worked out and tested these methods in workshops, projects and educations. Through this I came to my own creative capacities, that only reveiled themselves as I dared to face my complexes and blind spots in the soul, and as well transformed these for the good. Development went through the darkness of my own soul. And from this arose working methods in different directions, which have been elaborated in books, poems, mantric schooling texts, music and music theatre plays, novels, musical instruments, paintings, sculptures, jewelry and organo-dynamic architecture. Besides these, projects of landscape healing. All forming parts of the research in the workings of the planets and stars in us and in nature. From a scientist I became a spiritual scientist and artist. With as a purpose to give Astrosophy a shape and bed. And the schooling methods formed a guideline through all this.”

Self practicing methods

Scholingsdag Barchem boetseren Mei '14No one will teach you these faculties from the outside you can only do that by yourself. We work a lot with music improvisations, movement and clay modelling of innerwardly observed processes.That will give you the right power to start working with these in the world in a ranging and healing way. Awaiting until politicians, companies and institutes will do this for you, leads only to disappointment and apathy.

Take your destiny in your own hands and grow unto a future that has a broader horizon, and in which you will realize your ideals.

Dans elementwezens El HierroIn the old days in order to learn a professor, one first went to a temple or a mystery place to develop ones inner faculties, trough which one could practise ones profession from out of a deeper insight and with these faculties. This is what the Jasper School does, adapted to the present-day development of the consciousness. You learn the faculties of clearvoyancy (imagination), clear feeling and hearing and thus conduct your life and processes (inspiration), and clear willing, which means strengthen your intuitive faculties through which you learn to observe and apply the germs for inner growth within yourself, in other people and in situations.

We offer you the creative do-it-yourself methods of Jasper as a guideline. These are exercises you can apply in daily life. That broadens up your scale of possibilities. Follow an education of inner development and landscape healing. You will be coached by capable and well educated people that went before you and walk a stretch of path with you. In the cooperation arise new insights and possibilities. Or take a do-it-yourself online trace, with which we can coach you through skype or email.



The Widarhalla is a temple and theatre building in which the schooling methods have been elaborated until in the architecture, shapes and inner spaces. For a short impression, click here. For a longer presentation, click here. For more information see here.


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