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Jupiter / liver process

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The Jasper School has put itself as a goal to elaborate and offer practical methods of investigation and scholing paths with which modern man with his own efforts in exercising can make himself a way to the metaphysical realms of life, of soul and of spirit.

The starting point to this is knowledge about man in all his bodies and coherences of these with the workings of higher Angel beings upon man, out of the stars and planets. This has been given shape in astrosophy, the new star science, and its further elaborations in astrophony and astrognomy.

Jasper works with the methods of goethean science, which consists of for steps, being: open observation of phenomena; trying to form an idea as an archetype in this observation  (coming down from the starry worlds this is astrosophy); living oneself into h force workings that lay as a base to the phenomenon with the help of music and communal singing (astrophony); trying to approach the being behind a becoming phenomenon in its willing germs of becoming (astrognomy).

As such astrosophy is a continuation of and supplement to anthroposophy, which predominantly has focussed on the development of the clairvoyant consciousness, the imagination. Astrophony has been developed as a method for the development of clear hearing and feeling, the inspiration; and astrognomy as the one for the development of clear willing, the intuition.

The courses are mostly held by Nicholas de Jong, astrosopher and artist, who developed the methods. He is one of the esoteric leaders of the University for Spiritual Sciences, that was initiated in 1923 in Dornach, Switzerland.

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Astrosophy is love for knowledge of the stars

that goes through the heart:

Insight becomes wisdom,

and through weighing and playing in a loving way

this can be applied on development

in the physical realm, the life, the soul and the spirit.


Saturn / spleen process

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The Jasper School has as its aim to make perceptive the workings of the life, the soul and the spirit all through the physical phenomena. Thus everyone who wants to develop innerly, can learn to make contact with the Angels of heaven and Earth and their helpers, the Elemental Beings. This gives the possibility to guard and develop further the Earth in cooperation with them.

Through this, the initiation will be brought back in the middle of society, and through the observation of the beings behind the phenomena you can prevent that there is being manipulated with society.

The Jasper School has the following three sections:

I. Spiritual Science. A science in which the thinking is being cultivated and directed towards the workings of the soul and the spirit, which makes it drenched with the imaginative consciousness. A base to this forms the in the Rune Workshop developed  astrosophy.

II. Objective Art. A way of practicing art that seeks for the effects of the spirit within man, in nature and in the universe via artistic creations. This offers possibilities to perceive and experience the inner guidance in processes and apply these, and gives possibilities to develop the inspirative skills (clear feeling and hearing). A base to this is astrophony.

III. Moral technique. A technique that tries to bring in development the good that in potende ides in each phenomenon and being. Thus such a technique can help with the development of clear willing, the intuitive consciousness. A base to this form the working methods of astrognomy.


About the difference between Spiritual Science, Objective Art and Moral Techniques

In order to be able to make a connection to the realms of the life, the soul and the spirit, you need to develop an alertness in the feeling with which you can develop and apply the soul senses. Especially directed artistic activities are apt to this, because these connect us to the phenomena in a refined way that cause unexpected fine tunings of the senses as observational organs, and at the same time possibilities to open creative skills. Considerd that man and the world are being created out of the forces of the ‘cosmic Word’ that is written in the starry and planetary spheres, this new investigation impulse is based on a new ‘goethean science of the stars‘, that have been developed from the methods and results of spiritual science, and is called astrosophy. In that the workings of the stars and planets can be made perceptive in an artistic way, wherewith the observer is being involved with the phenomena, there have been developed methods for developong the higher soul senses that make man accessible to the faculties of clear feeling (inspiration) and clear willing (intuition). These methods are called astrophony and astrognomy. By means of these faculties or skills, you can observe and act in the life forces, as well as seeing which life paths you already have developed in yourself. The tools that have been developed through music in relation to the four human bodies (the physical, the life body, soul and spirit), help to develop the faculties clear feeling (inspiration) in relation to the phenomena to be observed. When try to understand the gestures of inner and external phenomena as being the objectivation of the will of the phenomenon you investigate, you can learn to discover what is the developmental germ that expresses itself in this, within yourself and in phenomena and other beings. And thus you develop skills of clear willing, the intuition. See for further specifications the books ‘Science Otherwise’ and ‘A Philosophy of Love’ by N. M. de Jong (Rune books), that deal with this new ‘goethean since of the stars’ and how these insights can be applied on each field of art and science. Concerning the field of art: When you apply these insights in their out workings on man and the world, you ultimately can come to the objectivity of the artistic creations, in which the life, the soul and the spirit can express themselves. And as an artist you can become co-developer of what wants to become on the Earth.Through the observations in beings and things in their original germs for development, that come from methods of astrognomy, you might develop new forms of technique that have the capacity to call forth the good from the things, because the skills to this have to be developed and applied through the own moral, living in the heart. This can only happen on a personal base. These forms of technique hanse can be indicated as moral technique.

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Uranus / imaginative consciousness

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Spiritual Science deals with the physical reality and with realms that stand behind it: those of the life processes, those of the soul and those of the spirit. It investigates how these realms work into the physical one, and cause or influence in this the phenomena. Besides the observations expressed in measure, weight and number, like the regular sciences use to do, there is also considered the qualitative traits, like the occurence of a phenomenon in its total surroundings. And herewith the observer, the investigator and his or her inner processes is taken into the research. Something where modern quantum physics also arrives. Greece of old knew the four elements earth, water, air and fire. When you connect these to spiritual observations, you develop a science that involves the spirit, the soul and the life in the physical observations. It thus becomes a spiritual science. This works predominantly with characterizing methods, which is called phenomenology or goethean science after its founder Goethe, a German poet and scientist. It means observing the appearing events as being phenomena, which means you perceive the quantitative and the qualitative workings and traits of a phenomenon in its total way of occurrence. The characteristic is that you involve the soul, and this is built up of objective workings from the entire cosmos that surrounds us, but elaborates these workings in a subjective way. By observing yourself in the observations and perceptions, you however can learn to educate and transform yourself in such a way, that you learn to observe the objective realities all through this. An advantage in relation to the regular sciences is, that with the observation you at the same time can transform and sublimate yourself, which will help to refine your organs for observation, your higher senses as linked to the chakras. These are soul senses. The conscious and directed development of these is called schooling. When you involve in this the initial science, astronomy and star wisdom in one, you can come to brightening insights about the observations about the observations you make with the common senses and with the help of instruments as extensions of these. There join deeper dimensions, which you can test again in experiments. The issue here at stake is not belief or superstition. The assumption you can make for yourself, is whether you want to find the sense of a phenomenon. What you may find then, tells as much about yourself, your relation to the phenomenon, as about the investigated phenomenon.


Neptune / inspirative consciousness;

star constellation Delphin as a talisman

DOLFSR09Objective Art

Art is usually considered as being subjective. It is an emotional expression of the artist, or his vision upon reality (a thinking and imagining function) which he tries to express in a sensitive way through his artistic expressions. This goes especially for Art of about the last 50 years.
It is less known however that one can also come to objective experiences all through the feelings. When different people retell the same event which the witnessed, you will hear as much versions as there are persons. Considering this closer however one do can recognise different types of tale telling. That is because there are about seven different soul types of people, which have each one specific inner organs as the dominant one, and these will have a more similar reproduction of that event. When beside this one takes as well in consideration the way in which each one perceives the world, which is called the world vision (of which there are twelve), one may come to an even more unified recognition of the initially as subjective experienced magnitude of the reproductions. In the subjectively experienceable, there where the soul or psyche works, there do appear to be objective workings present. And these anyone can learn to recognise and this acknowledge within himself. In this way one can look at a piece of art and all through the subjective experiences. In this way one can look at a piece of art and recognise and even interpret the objective psychic workings all through the subjective experiences (which does not make the piece of art less satisfying esthetically,
A tool to those objective workings is the astrosophy which has already been outlined, the new star science that considers all four human corporalities and their coherence with the workings of the planets, star images and signs (see to this under Spiritual Science).
It becomes even more interesting when after that recognition and interpretation, theer are being developed tools with which in acting one can experience and investigate the workings of the soul and also their effects upon the surroundings. Objective Art then becomes to a method out of acting, in which one can encounter ones own creative capacities, and develop these in a playful way.

In the Rune workshop different forms of Objective Art have been developed, each with the aim to discover those cosmic-psychological coherences.
You find about these:

* Paintings of inner observations


* Music theatre plays

* Musical instruments

Sculptures and sound sculptures

* Talisman jewelry

See further as well the expanded sonic and form phenomenological methods at the Jasper courses.


Pluto \ intuition

Star constellation Snake Tamer as a talisman

slangentemmer voorMoral technology

When you involve the inner world of the investigatot with the observations – also modern quantum pfysics comes to this ever more – you can recognize the objective workings all through the soul, that you can make ever more clear by making conscious the own soul contents. This growing consciousness means a process of perception and as well chastening of the own psychic moods, and in this you can discover creative processes in yourself. These creative faculties you can learn to control actively when working along with these. In doing and experiencing you can notice that you have inner capacities, that come out in present-day technology in an external way. Likewise you can discover telepathic faculties with a beloved person; if something happens to this one, you feel easily pulled in the attention, and can often directly communicate, despite the big physical distances between. In technology this faculty is worked out and exteriorised in the telephone. This latter can be used by everyone, regardless his inner state of mind. The development of these inner talents coheres with the inner, moral development. Hence you can call this technology as well moral technique, for is is dependant on the person and his morality, namely caused by inner moral work you accomplish on yourself, during the present or a past life.

Moral technique you can develop in the search for your own ideals and the faculties that cohere with these through the schooling methods, like the already mentioned methods of astrognomy, because you bring along your ideals from the stars. You then develop what is called the Son of Man, the germ of the inner creative being in us.

In the Rune1 workshop already elaborated forms of moral technology:

Organic design

Peat wool vests with organ shapes

Rune musical instruments


Work with elemental beings and landscape healing

The building Widarhalla

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