Scholing texts and exercises

Do it yourself methods

At Jasper the following exercises, mantric texts, musical pieces and dances, are available, all based on astrophonic workings* :

Schooling exercises:

1. Knowing yourself through clay modelling extensies all through the senses

2. Clay modelling exercises to get in contact with a piece of techniek and the being behind this

3. Clay modelling exercises to the organ processes and their effects upon the soul

4. Clay modelling exercises with the experiencing of the planet/organ measure types

5. Clay modelling exercises with the development of the chakra petals through virtue gestures

6. Clay modelling exercises with the star constellations as ideals, experienced in sounds and rhythms

€ 4, 50 per send text (within the EU), € 2, – as pdf file.


Ritual mantric texts:

7. Rhythmical sayings to get in contact with the Elemental Beings

8. Rituals with the healing of the landscape points

9. Mantric texts to get in contact with the Angel hierarchies through the Elemental Beings

10. Mantric texts to get in contact with the own organs

11. Mantric texts for grounding and income

12. Protective sayings for the redemption from black magic of Elemental Beings

13. Protective sayings out of the organs

14. Protective sayings out of the chakras

15. Experiencing of the ethereal Christ in the clouds

16. Prayer out of the warmth types (also with music)

17. Inner altar for the 7 Archangels and the Elemental Beings

18. Song of the Temple Stone

20. Rhythmical sayings for the Holy Nights to experience the months to come all through the Elemental Beings

€ 5, 50 per text, send as pdf file. 

Send as printed texts (within the EU)  € 7, 50


Weekday Exercises front22. Weekday exercises to reconnect you with your cosmical origine, in word, music and movement; Planet sounds and -rhythms as soul realms, chakra developmental virtue gestures

and star constellaties as ideal forces (also with DVD of the music and movements)

For a youtube film of the introduction, click here.





23. Song for the Roaming Deaths

24. Widar Songs out of the 7 Organ processes (also as CD)

25. Songs of the Inner Temple (also as CD)

26. Music of the planets at the winter solstice of 2012 (as CD)

27. Music of the star constellations in sounds and rhythmsr (as CD’s)

28. Exercising-cd with the seven planet rhythms and their sounds, played with drums and lyre

 Pdf texts, music notation + music files € 10, –

As CD + paper music + sending costs (within the EU) € 18, –


Ritual schooling dances:

29. Lotusflower Dance

30. Raindance

 Ass texts and paper music € 18, 50

As .pdf files  € 13, –



You can order and pay by booking the indicated amount to ING Bank Nederland, IBAN: NL60 INGB 0009 2765 05, BIC: INGB NL2A under the name of Rune-Werkplaats at Baarle Nassau NL, with the not of the number and format desired. Do not forget to give your address and email adress; see to the the contact form underneath and send it. The desired item will be sent to you as soon as possible. 

All prices are with 6% VAT included


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