Schooling and Initiation

With schooling you work on your inner observatoria faculties and also your skills in moving through the world with teking in account the higher worlds of the life, the soul and the spirit. You thus develop your chakras.

You seek the initiation when you intent to look through the surfaces of physical observations, you want to encounter the beings behind these and cooperate with them. You can be initiated on three levels of consciousness:

* Developing the imaginative consciousness; your vision becomes clairvoyance, and you develop the spiritual faculty of imagination. This is a state of enlightment, of which Eastern religions speak. You become a seer. The Jasper School has to this aim its division of spiritual science.

*Developing the inspirative consciousness: you then learn with your spirit and soul dive in the life processes in and around you, and learn to conduct in it, so that you as well give shape to the flow of events. You develop clear feeling or hearing, and come to the consciousness of the initiate. In Jasper there is the division of Objective Art to this aim.

*Developing the intuitive consciousness: you learn to observe with your spirit until in the darkness of the physical and perceive in it the willing germs of becoming that strive for their realisation. You can see sparkling up the star constellation-ideals in the warmth. And you want to help to develop these. You the can actually change things and circumstances, and develop yourself to a magician that tries to help realise the good.  The Jasper School has the division Moral Technique to this aim.

The methods of the Jasper School help you with reaching these levels of consciousness, but the initiation you need to enter by yourself. We can only help you by walking beside you with directed assays and indications. Our deeper projects of landscape healing in the sub-litteral spheres on fallen and wounded places, like previous battle fields and concebtration camps, can help you with this. See to this our Agenda.

In this way the Jasper School takes in a place within society that may remember of the mystery schools in antiquity, where the people went to develop inner skills they needed for their profession. Jasper School stands in the line of the Pythagoreans, Germanic mysteries, Esseans, Templar Knights, Rosecrucians and Anthroposophy. It is an elaboration of the esoteric or Grail Christianity.

“A society does not need bread, but a vision that is directed on the spirit. In directing to this, there will be an abundance of food”. (remark of Rudolf Steiner)

My personal initiation

My own initiation happened against my 30th year when walking along the beach of a nordic island in the Netherlands called Schiermonnikoog. I was taken into the workings of a cloud and in it I perceived very intense over-tonal sounds (which I now acknowledge as a part of the Harmony of he Spheres), very truthful and beautiful moving organic shapes in complementary colors. It all was much more intense then you can perceive in the physical body. I was taken into the Being of the etheric Christ, who then incorporated in that cloud. In a quite sober voice he told me to do whatever I thought worth wile with these perceptions. It took me many years afterwards to investigate and test this experience, in many different ways. Namely at that time I saw myself as an atheist, but as well a researcher. This and other spiritual experiences became the base of my schooling methods, because I like to bring other people to these inner workings in sound, color and form, so how Christ works through the elements, and as well have them toward these, while it is the base for our own inner growth towards becoming an Angel.



Jasper School and Son of Man

You can school yourself with the Jasper schooling methods. Therewith you develop your inner soul and spiritual skills, and can start working with these in the world around you. You enrichen your life with a broader palette of observations and possibilities of application, by taking in the higher worlds of the life, the soul and the spirit.

When you seek the initiation and as well want to atone your life to this, you can join the Son of Man – Movement for full-fletched becoming of man. You receive personal coaching. You may participate in the schooling days Son of Man that are held once a month. You pay € 35, – a year as contribution and have a free access to the schooling texts and music, besides this a reduced price for participation in landscape healing projects. Also the moral techniques developed by us are free. And re remain updated of our developments via the Jasper Newsletter. Give yourself up here.


Son of Man – Movement for full-fletched becoming of man

The person that becomes a member of this movement, tries to gradually develop the innerly slumbering germs of the Son of Man. The offered schooling methods are tools to this, and also the possibilities to start sevenfolded liens of cooperation, in which one in doing  can get to know oneself as well develop on each other. This amongst others means that some social faculties can be developed on each other with exercises. Methods to this have been developed.

That with the membership gives a certain protection, has to do with the fact that the contents, that originate in the spirit, need to be covered and carried by the members, which can guarantee a certain protection. At the other side are contents of moral techniques that have been or will be developed and that can be at the service of the members for free, need not bee comprehensive for everyone, for despite that everyone can learn to develop qualities out of himself, the technical possibilities can well be misused. With inner development one works more and more with and out of the life forces that flow out of the Earth, which in the Bible are being called the Life Tree, in Hindu religion kundalini energy. The handling of it brings along some risk, and can at best be trained under guidance.

With the membership there will be given personal coaching by the appointed persons. The schooling contents, texts and also the developed techniques are free accessible for the members. You cab participate in the schooling days Son of Man, that are held once a month. There is a newsletter from our activities.

Membership costs minimum € 35, – a year, and can be considered as a gift.

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Saturnus / miltproces

Miltruimte 01A short history of Grail Christianity 

Esoteric or Grail Christianity has its roots with the Esseans; via Manicheism it has turned over in the Middle Ages to the Cathars and Albigenzes, who were painfully extinguished. Besides this, there was a deep mystical strive within the monasteries. There is a more hidden line that runs via the Grail king Parceval to Lohengrin and the swan knights, who founded the hansa cities and therewith the middle agers a possibility to develop an inner life. The guilds have origined in this. Another line runs via the Templar Knights, a monk order that was more directed towards the external world. After that the pope had been charged for heresy and forbidden this order, esoteric Christianity threatened to loose its continuity. Hereupon Rosecrucianism was founded, be it more in the hidden. Since the start of the 20th century esoteric Christianity came more to the outside with Antroposophy. Its aim was predominantly to bring the people from the soul to the spirit by developing the imaginative faculty, the spirit self. The soul offers itself to the spirit, and the Angels and Elemental Beings can model in this images and imaginations.

Since the middle of the 20th centure a new path to the spirit has come free, a one that goes through the heart. This is an effect of the crucifixion of Christ in the life world around 1942, in the middle of nazi time. This development enables now to develop the inspirative and intuitive skills in a conscious way, all through the heart where seizes the feeling and conscience. You learn to bring the consciousness in the heart and think and act from here.   These inspirative-intuitive forces are being called the son of man, the inner developmental being or the inner child. You can call these as well clear feeling and clear willing. Hence in the Jasper School these skills are being taught, because the developer of the methods, Nicolaas de Jong, has gone along this path of development. This as a completion of and in cooperation with the methods of Spiritual Science or Antroposophy, which predominantly leads to the imaginative consciousness, clear viewing or the imagination. And especially younger generations come with skills and observations that are founded in clear seeing, feeling and willing; a person schooled by Jasper can give adequate answers to them and guide them on their way on. This makes the Jasper School to a modern mystery school that stads in the line of esoteric Christianity.

The Jasper School has originated around 1993, with the starting process of the Earth School Amiel in Zutphen NL. Later in 1996 with a group of young antroposophists in Amsterdam, known under the name ‘Dynamic Tuesday’, the schooling methods have been further elaborated and refined in different directions. The educations that came out, have been held in different places in the Netherlands (Bergen, Zutphen, Ubachsberg near Heerlen, Maassluis), in Belgium (Olen) and in Germany (Darmstadt, Friedberg, Berlijn). In the Netherlands the school had a place from 2005 – 2010 Widarhalla tekeen gebouw betrokken in Meppel, from where the educations, scholing weekends and projects have been given. Since the start of 2011 the school partly works in initiative village The World Warf at Olen, Belgium. From 2013 onwards the base in the Netherlands was in different places, and now we found a relative quiet base in Rotterdam. Here we gradually work onto the realization of the schooling building and theatre Widarhalla. See the picture.

Order here the brochure of the building Widarhalla.



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